Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Been a minute ...

... since I last posted and so much has happened. First of all, Sen. Obama gave an awesome speech during the convention last week. I don't know about you guys but I was inspired. He is just a dynamic speaker who speaks to us like we're adults and ya gotta love that, right? Secondly, Sen. McCain has chosen his veep and she's a woman. Not just any woman, she's Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. I'm not going to rattle off her accomplishments because I'm sure you've been reading and watching the news. The main two things about her that are impacting the news right now is her involvement in "TrooperGate" and the fact that her 17-year-old daughter is preggors. TrooperGate is what the talking heads are calling the investigation into an allegation that she abused her power as governor to have her sister's ex-husband, who is a state trooper, fired. After he wasn't fired, she then fired his boss. Apparently, this man and her sister were involved in a heated custody battle over their children. The McCain/Palin spokespeople released a statement acknowledging the fact that Palin's teen daughter is pregnant during the height of the Hurricane Gustav coverage. Now, I don't' want to say that it was calculated but, uh, what does it look like to you? This may have been just the boost that Sen. Obama needed. I mean, she's got more revelations than a New Jersey governor. The bad part about this whole thing is, it is wrong to capitalize on anyone else's situation, but dayum, Obama could really blow this up if he wanted to do that. But, being the classy, cool brotha that he is, Obama stood up and said that families, especially children, are off limits. Now that was classy. Had it been the kid, umph, umph, umph, I can't say that I would just let it go. Politics are petty and so are politicians, so why not use it? Anyway, this doesn't really speak highly of her "abstinence only" approach to sex education. She's living in the dark ages thinking that these oversexed teenagers will be abstinent. That's another post for another day. I'm just amazed that we're just now getting over the fact that McCain picked a woman for the bottom half of the ticket who he'd only spoken to once. That seems a little strange to me. Anyway, the Republican National Convention is going on this week. I can't promise that I'll watch all the speeches in their entirety, but I'll do my best. I kinda have a low bullshit tolerance and I know I'll be sick if I watch too much of that stuff.


TravelDiva said...

Hey Smarty,

Thanks for your comments on CITC--much appreciated.

Giiiiirl, Obama rocked it on Thursday night--I mean ROCKED IT. When he said McCain wouldn't even follow Osama to the cave where he lives, I nearly passed out from laughter.

Uggh, the Palin selection--dreadful. They just wanted to generate some excitement, but clearly she wasn't vetted. I mean--troopergate, the pics of her daughter boozing it up online, the pregnancy--all of this stuff is a major distraction. But beyond that--there certainly had to be more qualified Republican women. AND if she is supposed to be a subsititute for Hilary, I'm not impressed. Hilary is a tough cookie--I might not like her--but I actually think she could perform the job of President. This chick--promotes herself as a hockey mom who eats moose burgers--she's just not tough.

What is annoying me is that anyone who criticizes her is being called sexist. It's so ridiculous.

Kim Stagliano said...

Smarty, can you imagine if it were Obama's daughter unmarried, underage and pregnant? They hypocrisy stops me in my tracks. As a black woman, does it make you even more angry than it does me? I can only imagine.



Smarty Jones said...

I don't even want to imagine that. I can't afford to get angry over this. There always has been a double standard and unless everybody magically stops being bigots, there will always be one.
I just think she should strike the whole sex ed argument from her arsenal because her life contradicts it.