Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not again ...

... another politician has been put on blast for his extra curricular sexual activities. In case you've been living under a rock, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been indicted on several felony charges that stem from an affair he had with his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty. The charges range from purjury to obstruction, misconduct and conspiracy. That's right, c-o-n-spiracy! Let's get this clear, they, because both have been charged, are not being charged because they had an affair. They are being charged because they lied under oath and they used the city's resources to carry on this lil' escapade and because they ruined people's lives trying to cover up their trists. Now, the two have been indicted on a combined 12 charges for their cover-up and the mayor vows to fight the charges. It doesn't matter that they have these freaky lil' text messages that the two of them passed. Forget about the fact that the prosecutors have witnesses and the fact that the two are not denying the fact that they had "a thing" going on. So, fast foward to yesterday, Kilpatrick gave a press conference of his own and informed us all that he plans to stay in office and fight the charges against him. I have but one question. Why? What is wrong with Kwame? He seems to be a smart brotha, why can't he just quit while he's behind? They got him and Beatty, he should just make the announcement that the Mayor Pro Tem, if they have one in Detroit, will assume the mayoral post until a special election and he should go on home to Tallahassee. I don't know what his lawyers are telling him but there is no honor or glory in going down with the sinking ship. Since all this stuff has come out, I would say he has very little support from his constiuents, if any. He couldn't be my mayor, I'd be calling his office everyday to find out when he plans to quit. Is it just me or has he disgraced himself, his family and the office of the Detroit Mayor? The person I am really surprised about is Beatty. I don't understand why she isn't in his ear telling him to quit. I say Beatty because if his wife has any sense, she wouldn't be talking to his big rusty butt! That dude needs to check his alarm clock and wake up. And while he's at it, he needs to nudge a few of his comrades like David Paterson and Jim McGreevy. Patterson just took over as the New York governor last Monday and it seems like he's trying to impeach himself. Since then, he's admitted to extramarital affairs and now he's confessed to being a pothead and he said that he used to 'toot powder' or use cocaine in his 20s. Why does he deem it necessary to volunteer all this information? He's already going to be looked at with a fine tooth comb because he's the state's first black governor and now he's giving them a reason to get rid of him. I think he's trying to sabotage his own career. Seriously, nobody would advise him to do this. If they are, they need to be fired or beat down or something. And speaking of folks who need a beat down, former New Jersey governor, Jim McGreevy, has recently been in the news for saying that his wife had an idea about his 'gayness' because they engaged in a "threesome" with their limo driver. First off, what they do in their bedroom is their business, but for the record, a threesome or a menage a trois equals a sexual arrangement between a man and two women. When the arrangement is between two men and a woman, that's a train or some outright freak-nasty type stuff that no one wants to hear about. Either way, I would like to make the suggestion that all the freaky politicians pick a night, one night, to go on a national network and air all of their exploits. That way, we can get all of this out of the way and get back to the business of running the country.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Speech Heard 'Round the World

Finally, Sen. Barack Obama has addressed race in his campaign and guess what, folks still aren't happy. Surprised? Don't be. I learned a long time ago that you can never please everybody so there is no need to try. Obama made several very valid points about race and some of the relationships that he has had that transcend race and go beyond the surface dressing that the rest of the world sees. Here's the Mar. 18 speech in its entirety:
Since the beginning of this race, Obama has maintained that this election is not based on race, but on the issues. Well it seems that Obama's counterparts have made the main issue race and some have even gone so far as to say he's living in a fantasy world. Now that some of his now former pastor's comments made in church services have surfaced and doomed to live on in perpetuity on YouTube, some people are starting to question whether or not Obama and the pastor, Jeremiah A. Wright are in fact prejudice. Here's the sound bite:
Never mind the more than 400 years of systematic racism that's been allowed to thrive in this country. Never mind that church is still the only place where you will be able to catch black folks in a group that transcends generational and socio-economic boundaries. Never mind the fact that Obama is bi-racial. Pay attention to the fact that people who do not understand the black church are now condemning it. Pay attention only to the fact that white Americans say black people should just "get over it" because it is the fault of our white ancestors. Only pay attention to the fact that we must fear, belittle and condemn what we don't know. "Why are you saying all this, Smarty?" Well I'm glad you asked. I'm saying this because in the beginning of this race, Obama was a Muslim masquerading as a Christian to get elected. Now that it has been "discovered" that he is a Christian, he's not the "kind" of Christian that is acceptable in America. I say to all of those critics and people, make up your mind. Either you want him to be a Christian or you don't. They used to say he wasn't black enough or he was too black. Again, I say, make up your mind! Here's a newsflash for you, a lot of black preachers, shoot, I'll go out on a limb and say the majority of black preachers have at some point addressed their congregation in a manner that relates closely to this whether about race, sexual orientation or gender specific topics. Don't believe me? Take in a church service at a predominantly black church after a major issue that affects the black community. I personally guarantee that the subject/sermon or what have you will be something similar to that one. The only thing wrong with that speech was the fact that he brought politics into the pulpit, other than that, more power to him. Church has always and forever been the core meeting place for people of color. There are no country clubs, no neighborhood committees or anything that resembles that outside of the church. I don't think Wright's speech was hate speech at all, add to that the fact that all we get is a freakin' sound bite so we don't know the context of his words. When people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and the whole Fox News team take words and twist them or take them out of context to mean what they want them to mean. Don't believe me, check out how she listens defensively and totally takes it all out of context:
I'm not saying that people aren't entitled to their opinions but when people make these opinions with little or no information they are wrong. She strikes me as the type of person who has lived in a shell thinking that the world is good for her entire life and that America is always right. It bothers me that she is making a snap judgement about a pastor and all of his congregation and every sermon the man has ever preached based on the snippet of a sermon that she's heard and what people have told her. She, along with her cohorts, needs to attend a black church and I don't mean one of those dead churches without a whole lot going on. I mean one of those COGIC churches full of those "tongue-talking, sanctified, Holy Ghost-filled and fire-Baptised" kind of churches where those folks have been through some things. She needs to spend time in these black communities where racism is alive and well and where black folks still can't get ahead regardless of what they do. I don't understand how she equates the pastor telling his congregation that America is run by "rich, white men" to racist ideology. She acts like the man stood up in the pulpit and said, "Kill Whitey!" The man has stopped going to the church, denounced, rejected and renounced the preachers words. He said he doesn't agree with those statements and the pastor has recused himself from the campaign. Can we please move on now and get on with the business of electing a president?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thank God ...

... Florida is finally doing something right as it relates to politics. Much to the Clinton campaigns dismay, he Sunshine State Dems decided against having a revote on their state's primary election. The Clinton campaign was jockeying for a revote event though the national party stripped the two states of their delegates for the national convention as a consequence for having their primaries early. Of course they wanted a revote because Clinton won Florida and Michigan's primaries on Super Tuesday. Now that she is down 139 pledged delegates, SistaGirl needs all the help she can get. I understand that politics is a cut-throat business but she didn't even have the common courtesy to try this trash behind closed doors. Check it out, Michigan and Florida announced last year that they were pushing up their primaries. Shortly after that the DNC announced that their delegates would not be seated. What about that was hard to understand? Plus, she knew she was going to win those states after the delegates agreed not to campaign in those states but her name is the only one that was on both state's ballots. To vote for Barack Obama or another candidate, voters had to check "undecided." I tell you guys, politicians never cease to amaze me. The sad thing about this whole situation is it is only going to get worse. They have to make each other seem more evil than they really are so that the electorate will be fooled into voting for them and completely hate the other. This will in turn make everyone hate Democrats and Satan Jr., will win by default. And to be completely honest, if Clinton and Obama keep going at it, the thing we'll most have to worry about is who McCain chooses for a running mate. Why you may ask? Because that will ultimately be who will be running the country. McCain is getting on up there and he is not exactly in the best of health. His mind could go at any time and if he gets too excited, he could go into cardiac arrest or something. That's scary. Come on people, McCain is old as dirt. Scratch that, he's as old as water. He actually went to high school with Jesus. For real, Moses signed his yearbook. Don't believe me, flip it over (it's a concrete slab) and look at where Moses chiseled his name on it. But seriously, don't you all think it's high time to put away the weapons and get on with the business of debating the issues and letting the people decide and not deciding for the people? Think about it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Politicians gone wild ...

... again. Eliot Spitzer, former New York governor resigned his position this morning amid allegations that he spent in upwards of $80,000 in less than a year on upscale prostitutes. Some reports say that the man spent as much as $5,000 an hour and requested things that could be deemed as not-so-safe.
I wonder, what kinds of things did he want to do for five grand an hour? I mean, I'm pretty sure it had to be something downright freaky because, well, he's a politician. Not saying that all politicians are freaks but given the news in the past three years, there are enough of them to support the stereotype.
Seriously, look at Sens. Larry Craig and Mark Foley and Gov. Jim McGreevy. Two of them are the worst kind of freaks. Craig is trying to have anonymous gay sex in an airport bathroom and Foley is a pedophile. McGreevy was cheating on his wife with a man. I'm not sure if he was extra freaky but I do know that he had total disregard for his wife and child.
The sad part about all of this is under normal circumstances, this would have nothing to do with politics at all but Spitzer's whole platform was cleaning up the streets of New York and getting rid of organized crime and prostitution rings. In fact, during his inaugural address, the man said, "In his inaugural address, Governor Spitzer said: "Every policy, every action and every decision we make in this administration will further two overarching objectives: We must transform our government so that it is as ethical and wise as all of New York ..." I guess if he shined the light on everyone else and their misdeeds so that no one would be looking at his.
Perhaps the best thing about this whole ordeal is New York gets its first black and its first blind governor in David Paterson . Patterson, a Harlem native, will remain as the state's governor until the next election in 2010.


It seems that I have officially entered into the political realm of this blog world. After so many of the post on my original blog, Difference of Opinion, morphed into political posts, I have opted to just do a blog dedicated strictly to politics and leave the other one for commentaries on news and pop culture. With that said, I will let you know up front that I plan to vote Democratic in the pending presidential race and in the May 6 primary in the great state of North Carolina, I will vote for Sen. Barack Obama. Personally, I don't see how he can do any worse than the current administration and I happen to admire the way he has carried on during this primary election season. While he was not my first choice, I will say that I believe he is the one who will get the things done that need to be done. I will not make any empty promises that I will post on so and so-day or x amount of times per week. I will say that I will post whenever there are things being done that I just flat out don't agree with or feel like there is something that needs to be said. Sit back, relax and enjoy this political roller coaster that will be the next eight months of our lives. So lace up your boots, it's about to get thick up and through here!