Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thank God ...

... Florida is finally doing something right as it relates to politics. Much to the Clinton campaigns dismay, he Sunshine State Dems decided against having a revote on their state's primary election. The Clinton campaign was jockeying for a revote event though the national party stripped the two states of their delegates for the national convention as a consequence for having their primaries early. Of course they wanted a revote because Clinton won Florida and Michigan's primaries on Super Tuesday. Now that she is down 139 pledged delegates, SistaGirl needs all the help she can get. I understand that politics is a cut-throat business but she didn't even have the common courtesy to try this trash behind closed doors. Check it out, Michigan and Florida announced last year that they were pushing up their primaries. Shortly after that the DNC announced that their delegates would not be seated. What about that was hard to understand? Plus, she knew she was going to win those states after the delegates agreed not to campaign in those states but her name is the only one that was on both state's ballots. To vote for Barack Obama or another candidate, voters had to check "undecided." I tell you guys, politicians never cease to amaze me. The sad thing about this whole situation is it is only going to get worse. They have to make each other seem more evil than they really are so that the electorate will be fooled into voting for them and completely hate the other. This will in turn make everyone hate Democrats and Satan Jr., will win by default. And to be completely honest, if Clinton and Obama keep going at it, the thing we'll most have to worry about is who McCain chooses for a running mate. Why you may ask? Because that will ultimately be who will be running the country. McCain is getting on up there and he is not exactly in the best of health. His mind could go at any time and if he gets too excited, he could go into cardiac arrest or something. That's scary. Come on people, McCain is old as dirt. Scratch that, he's as old as water. He actually went to high school with Jesus. For real, Moses signed his yearbook. Don't believe me, flip it over (it's a concrete slab) and look at where Moses chiseled his name on it. But seriously, don't you all think it's high time to put away the weapons and get on with the business of debating the issues and letting the people decide and not deciding for the people? Think about it!

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