Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Politicians gone wild ...

... again. Eliot Spitzer, former New York governor resigned his position this morning amid allegations that he spent in upwards of $80,000 in less than a year on upscale prostitutes. Some reports say that the man spent as much as $5,000 an hour and requested things that could be deemed as not-so-safe.
I wonder, what kinds of things did he want to do for five grand an hour? I mean, I'm pretty sure it had to be something downright freaky because, well, he's a politician. Not saying that all politicians are freaks but given the news in the past three years, there are enough of them to support the stereotype.
Seriously, look at Sens. Larry Craig and Mark Foley and Gov. Jim McGreevy. Two of them are the worst kind of freaks. Craig is trying to have anonymous gay sex in an airport bathroom and Foley is a pedophile. McGreevy was cheating on his wife with a man. I'm not sure if he was extra freaky but I do know that he had total disregard for his wife and child.
The sad part about all of this is under normal circumstances, this would have nothing to do with politics at all but Spitzer's whole platform was cleaning up the streets of New York and getting rid of organized crime and prostitution rings. In fact, during his inaugural address, the man said, "In his inaugural address, Governor Spitzer said: "Every policy, every action and every decision we make in this administration will further two overarching objectives: We must transform our government so that it is as ethical and wise as all of New York ..." I guess if he shined the light on everyone else and their misdeeds so that no one would be looking at his.
Perhaps the best thing about this whole ordeal is New York gets its first black and its first blind governor in David Paterson . Patterson, a Harlem native, will remain as the state's governor until the next election in 2010.

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