Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not again ...

... another politician has been put on blast for his extra curricular sexual activities. In case you've been living under a rock, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been indicted on several felony charges that stem from an affair he had with his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty. The charges range from purjury to obstruction, misconduct and conspiracy. That's right, c-o-n-spiracy! Let's get this clear, they, because both have been charged, are not being charged because they had an affair. They are being charged because they lied under oath and they used the city's resources to carry on this lil' escapade and because they ruined people's lives trying to cover up their trists. Now, the two have been indicted on a combined 12 charges for their cover-up and the mayor vows to fight the charges. It doesn't matter that they have these freaky lil' text messages that the two of them passed. Forget about the fact that the prosecutors have witnesses and the fact that the two are not denying the fact that they had "a thing" going on. So, fast foward to yesterday, Kilpatrick gave a press conference of his own and informed us all that he plans to stay in office and fight the charges against him. I have but one question. Why? What is wrong with Kwame? He seems to be a smart brotha, why can't he just quit while he's behind? They got him and Beatty, he should just make the announcement that the Mayor Pro Tem, if they have one in Detroit, will assume the mayoral post until a special election and he should go on home to Tallahassee. I don't know what his lawyers are telling him but there is no honor or glory in going down with the sinking ship. Since all this stuff has come out, I would say he has very little support from his constiuents, if any. He couldn't be my mayor, I'd be calling his office everyday to find out when he plans to quit. Is it just me or has he disgraced himself, his family and the office of the Detroit Mayor? The person I am really surprised about is Beatty. I don't understand why she isn't in his ear telling him to quit. I say Beatty because if his wife has any sense, she wouldn't be talking to his big rusty butt! That dude needs to check his alarm clock and wake up. And while he's at it, he needs to nudge a few of his comrades like David Paterson and Jim McGreevy. Patterson just took over as the New York governor last Monday and it seems like he's trying to impeach himself. Since then, he's admitted to extramarital affairs and now he's confessed to being a pothead and he said that he used to 'toot powder' or use cocaine in his 20s. Why does he deem it necessary to volunteer all this information? He's already going to be looked at with a fine tooth comb because he's the state's first black governor and now he's giving them a reason to get rid of him. I think he's trying to sabotage his own career. Seriously, nobody would advise him to do this. If they are, they need to be fired or beat down or something. And speaking of folks who need a beat down, former New Jersey governor, Jim McGreevy, has recently been in the news for saying that his wife had an idea about his 'gayness' because they engaged in a "threesome" with their limo driver. First off, what they do in their bedroom is their business, but for the record, a threesome or a menage a trois equals a sexual arrangement between a man and two women. When the arrangement is between two men and a woman, that's a train or some outright freak-nasty type stuff that no one wants to hear about. Either way, I would like to make the suggestion that all the freaky politicians pick a night, one night, to go on a national network and air all of their exploits. That way, we can get all of this out of the way and get back to the business of running the country.


Sheletha said...

okay, i know its wrong, but have you seen Kwame??? hes fine as hale!

now that i have the shallowness out of the way. hes done nothing for the community of detroit. but my people keep voting for him, so where is the personal responsiblity for this fiasco???

he needs to be the man that his daddy taught him to be and step down. ole boy is about to go to jail.

Smarty Jones said...

I don't know about "fine," but before all of this went down, he was what I would call a nice-looking dude.
I agree that he is going to jail, if for no other reason to pay his 'stupid tax.'