Sunday, May 18, 2008

So, so happy ...

... John Edwards has finally endorsed Sen. Barack Obama and I for one knew he would. I know I'm a little late on this one but so the freak what? I was trying to get ready for vacation, which officially begins tomorrow, and my born-day which is on Tuesday. Anyway, last week, Sen. Hillary Clinton said that this thing wasn't over "until the lady in the pant suit sings." Well, I don't think she's singing yet, but I think I hear her warming up - singing scales and what not. Let's face it, Clinton's not leaving until SHE's convinced that she won't win and that could take until Novemeber. Personally, I can't wait that long. The sooner she lets it go, the sooner we can all move on. Sadly, I don't think she knows when it's over. It's going to take a major act of Congress or her best girlfriend to slap her back into reality. I know she got a black friend, a black friend who has a grip on reality. She needs to walk up on her and say: "Girl, it's over and you can't do nothing about it. Did you hear me? O-V-A-H! Take an 'L' on this one, go back to the Senate, let Barry call you for a cabinet position and watch your man! I'm not saying he's doing anything but you know how he is. I'm telling you this 'cause you my girl and you already played yourself before when you cried. I don't want you to do that again. Just go home, have a good cry and go on about your business." Hell, if she ain't got a black friend to do that for her, I'll volunteer to do it. It ain't like I've got a whole lot to do.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ahhhh, yes ...

... all is almost right with the world. CNN posted a story yesterday on their web site that says that Sen. Barack Obama trails Sen. Hillary Clinton by one super delegate. Ain't it great? I tell ya, the more this chick sticks around stuffing her foot further down her throat, the more nails end up in her coffin. Last week, Clinton made, what have been called divisive, comments about Obama's support dwindling among white voters. Take a listen:
Now, this is only a snippet of Clinton's comments during a Q&A session with the press. I have no idea what the question was, but from the answer, I do know she has still got her leg down her throat. If anyone knows about the power of the sound bite, it should be her. They've been running a loop of her husband's, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," comment since 1998. That is the same soundbite that got him impeached. Hell, soundbites from Obama's former pastor almost leveled him in his quest for the office. So, that leaves me with the question, why isn't she more careful about the crap she says. I wonder if she's trying to sabotage her own campaign so that she doesn't have to quit or if she actually thinks she's helping herself. Either way, the news about her super delegate "lead" should be the writing on the wall. I really wish she would consider backing away from this thing, slowly. It's time. Somebody needs to tell her to quit while she's behind, if she does, she may be able to maintain some support for a campaign in 2016. *** By the way, I predict that Obama will pick John Edwards as a running mate. ***

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It is the day of reckoning ...

... and I hope Mrs. Clinton has her crying towels. I expect the folks in my home state of North Carolina to stand up in a BIG way. Since there wasn't much traffic at the actual polling sites, I hope that means everyone took advantage of early voting and absentee ballots. Anyway, I have been meaning to do a post on all the celebrity response the campaigns have been getting. Not that I'm hung up on celebrities and what they do outside their professions (tehehe), I've noticed that a lot of them are jumping up to stump for their favorite campaigns. A while back, I wrote a sample blog post for a new site, News One and it basically says that real voters don't care about celebrity endorsements. I still feel that way, but I think it is interesting that some celebrities are using their notoriety to get their favorite candidates elected. The presumptive GOP nominee, John McCain, has garnered the lowest celebrity turn out. Of those that I've heard of, he's got Wilford Brimley, Tom Selleck and Rip Torn. Keep in mind that the Republican party is united and all of the celebrity nods his counterparts received will likely filter over to him. Those are some pretty heavyweight celebs too: Adam Sandler, Bo Derek, Pat Robertson, Pat Boone, Donnie & Marie Osmond, Ric Flair, Chuck Norris and I think Joseph C. Phillips. OK, so they aren't all heavyweights, but they carry some influence or else they wouldn't be celebrities. Sen. Hillary Clinton has racked up an impressive list of celeb endorsements. At last tally, she had: Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand, Magic Johnson, Maya Angelou, Steven Spielberg, Rob Reiner, John Grisham, Carly Simon, Ted Danson, Billie Jean King, Victoria Rowell, Quincy Jones, Carole Simpson and America Ferrera. When Clinton has to go home because she can't secure the votes, I wonder how many of them are going to stump for Barack Obama. I hope they all will. Right now, a lot of folks in the media predict that Clinton supporters won't back Obama and vice versa. That's jacked up, the Republicans aren't doing that. Not saying the Dems should emulate the GOP in any way, but something can be learned from them. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. If this were a competition to see who could get the best roster of celebrity endorsements, the winner hands down is Barack Obama. OK, so I might be a little partial since this is the candidate I voted for today. His roster includes folks like Oprah (no last name needed), George Clooney, Scarlett Johanson, Will Smith, Halle Berry, Zach Braff, Jessica Biel, from the Black Eyed Peas, John P. Kee, Tyrese, Kareem Abdul Jabar, George Lopez and the list goes on and on. I think the thing that trips me out is this man has had videos and songs and folks out there stumping for him. Shoot, in the last few weeks, Tatyana M. Ali, from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" fame has even traveled all over the Tar Heel State at her own expense to speak about Obama. I'm sure that almost everyone has seen the "Yes We Can" video on YouTube or heard the song, Obama by John P. Kee. I got an e-mail today of a newer video with another slew of celebrities that features the vocal stylings of one Zöe Kravitz, the 19-year-old daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. The girl can sing a little bit too. I found that out the second time I watched it. The first time, I couldn't get over how much she favors both her parents. Look at her real hard, she looks like her mom but she smiles like her dad. Freaky huh? Think that's bad, watch her performance in "The Brave One." Anyway, take a look at the Obama video:
Anyway, like the post of the News One post, the main idea of this one is, I, along with so many of my counterparts, don't care about your celebrity endorsements. Sure they bring out the crowd but I don't really give a crap about their opinions. I care more about the candidate and what they plan to do and whether or not they'll execute. Let's watch, shall we?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Well, well, well ...

... it would appear that Hillary Clinton's tactics have come back to bite her in the posterior! (I couldn't resist going back to the 7th grade in Mr. Faulk's class) Anything about this picture look a lil' strange to you? I received an e-mail this morning that had a picture of former President Bill Clinton shaking the hand of none other than - Rev. Jeremiah Wright. That's right, you see it, that is Wright and Clinton in 1998 at a breakfast at the White House. I'm not sure how you get on the guest list for one of those shindigs but I'm pretty sure the president has to know you or has to be associated with you in some way. Also within this particular e-mail, a short letter addressed to Wright is signed by Clinton, allegedly. I say allegedly because I don't believe this letter was really written by the former president. But anyway, apparently Wright was there to help the president through the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal. I guess it is OK to link Obama with Wright because he's black and perhaps as angry as Wright, but it is not OK to link the Clintons with him because they're not, right? Wrong. If simply being linked to Wright is a campaign killer then it should yield the same response for the Clintons. It won't and I'm not surprised. I posted this picture and this response to show you that it shouldn't matter who you know or who you are "linked" with because you are two different. If I wanted to be a complete ass, I'd say that Wright condones the fact that former President Clinton cheated on his wife since this picture was taken on hours before Ken Starr's report about the president and his intern was leaked to the media. But I don't want to be one, so I won't say that - anymore. ;-)