Saturday, May 3, 2008

Well, well, well ...

... it would appear that Hillary Clinton's tactics have come back to bite her in the posterior! (I couldn't resist going back to the 7th grade in Mr. Faulk's class) Anything about this picture look a lil' strange to you? I received an e-mail this morning that had a picture of former President Bill Clinton shaking the hand of none other than - Rev. Jeremiah Wright. That's right, you see it, that is Wright and Clinton in 1998 at a breakfast at the White House. I'm not sure how you get on the guest list for one of those shindigs but I'm pretty sure the president has to know you or has to be associated with you in some way. Also within this particular e-mail, a short letter addressed to Wright is signed by Clinton, allegedly. I say allegedly because I don't believe this letter was really written by the former president. But anyway, apparently Wright was there to help the president through the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal. I guess it is OK to link Obama with Wright because he's black and perhaps as angry as Wright, but it is not OK to link the Clintons with him because they're not, right? Wrong. If simply being linked to Wright is a campaign killer then it should yield the same response for the Clintons. It won't and I'm not surprised. I posted this picture and this response to show you that it shouldn't matter who you know or who you are "linked" with because you are two different. If I wanted to be a complete ass, I'd say that Wright condones the fact that former President Clinton cheated on his wife since this picture was taken on hours before Ken Starr's report about the president and his intern was leaked to the media. But I don't want to be one, so I won't say that - anymore. ;-)

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TravelDiva said...

LOL. Yeah, I saw this awhile back. I don't think the media cared about it because they thought--isolated incident not a big deal.

But it made me laugh. I hope Obama wins NC and IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Down with the Clintons.