Thursday, September 25, 2008

Am I a hypocrite ...

... because I find this funny?

OK, I was totally offended by the Obama cover. But as we have gotten further along, I've started looking back on the journey and the foolishness that we are being inundated with at it relates to the Democratic presidential nominee and this wasn't that bad. Granted, it is offensive but it is not as dangerous as those fools in Denver riding around with the weapons talking about an assassination plot on Sen. Obama. It's not nearly as dangerous as the fool who was arrested near his home in Chicago. All of the tasteless jokes and sad attempts at satire now all seem so trivial because these fools are trying to jeopardize the safety of him and his family. Not to get off subject, I just think those two guys are h.i.larious!!! The difference in what they did and what the graphic artists and editors at the New Yorker did is Stewart and Colbert make their living spoofing all things news and political. The New Yorker is regarded as a reputable media outlet therefore there isn't much room left for satire, in my opinion. If anything, that should have been the cartoon in the Op-Ed section, not the cover. At any rate, I hope you guys love Colbert and Stewart as much as I.