Thursday, September 4, 2008

'Bout damn time!

In case ya hadn't heard, Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick resigned. Did you hear that? Detroit natives and residents everywhere just breathed a collective sigh of relief. The Hip Hop mayor pleaded guilty to felony charges for testi-lying under oath about his sexual relationship with his former chief of staff. He copped one of those Law & Order-type deals to keep himself out of jail for the long haul. With his deal, Kilpatrick has to serve four months in jail, five years of probation, and pay a $1 million fine over five years. Again I say, all that for some text messages and some booty. I think it is safe to say that we can put him in the same catergory with Kobe Bryant as dudes who will think twice about cheating on their wives again. And, against my better judgement and in spite of my ADD, I have been trying to watch the Republican National Convention. Last night, I happened to watch vice president nominee Sarah Palin speak last night. I wasn't impressed. I won't lie, she got a few zingers in about Obama and his being a community organizer. She even got in a couple about him being a celebrity and even paralleling him to Moses. What she didn't do was layout what needs to be done. I hope the GOP is happy, because she'll likely be the president in a couple months if those two are elected. I have enjoyed watching the pundits on Fox "News" contradict and make total asses of themselves when they discuss her. Apparently, the media and liberals are now being sexist toward her and her knocked up daughter. So the way I see it and the way the clips are playing back on The Daily Show is it was OK to launch a verbal assault on Hillary Clinton but not on Sarah Palin. Talk about a double standard. Oh well, I hope Palin knows what she's getting herself into, those folks in the GOP have been known to turn on ya like bad greens.

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TravelDiva said...

Agreed on that joker Kwame.

Ugh--I'm disgusted that McCain and Palin have gotten a bounce in the polls after last week's convention. I know it will even out, but I can't believe people chose image over substance.