Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen ...

... right now, today at 6:50 p.m., I hereby suspend my disdain for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. What's happened, you may ask? She, in a very classy move by the way, made a motion to suspend campaign rules to nominate Sen. Barack Obama by acclimation. That means that she pretty much asked for them to stop the vote and she all but conceded. I applaud her for that, I really do. She gave a helluva speech last night in an effort to unite the party. Personally, I think that she has just about cemented her nomination in 2016. I know she'll have my vote. This is such a historic day, not only for America, but for minority children everywhere. When teachers and parents tell young minority children they can be whatever they want they can now see that it is the truth. If I know politics, I know she will be offered a position in Obama's cabinet and she should take it. While I know there was some controversy surrounding her being passed over for the vice president's position but she will be a wonderful asset to the country. I watched her read her statement and ask for the suspension and people everywhere started to weep. If I weren't so hard, I might've shed a tear too. **he he he*** The thing that I am most proud of is I can tell my grandchildren about the day that a woman cleared the path for an African American to be the president of the United States. This may not mean much to anyone else but it means so much to me. I am not the average 26-year-old in that I am concerned about the legacy that I will leave for my unborn children, my nieces, nephews and godchildren. The generation that I belong to has seriously been in danger of not doing anything to make life a little better for the next generation. Now that Obama is the nominee, we can all insure that we'll make life better by simply casting our vote for Obama. I may have drank the Obama Kool-Aid, call me crazy, but I believe in him and his ability to affect change on the highest level, ever. I am simply overjoyed and amazed at today's happenings. Oh what I wouldn't give to be in Denver tonight!

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