Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Listen, in the distance ...

... I think I hear Hillary warming up her vocal cords. If she's not, she oughta be. She said it wasn't going to be over until the lady in the pant suit sings. Well somebody cue the band to play the opening bars of "Send In the Clowns," and tell Pantasia it's time.
I hope ya'll listened to the words. Even though this song is about the break up of a romantic relationship, I swear it fits this situation. I think in a way, Hillary has had an unrequited love affair with the Democratic electorate. Don't get me wrong, she does have some supporters and folks who want to see her win, but she doesn't have everybody and ***sniffle, sniffle*** that makes her sad. I guess we should all be happy that she didn't go all "Fatal Attraction" on us and try to kill us. Well, she hasn't yet. That'll happen if she opts to support John McCain and let's face it, if Methusela is elected, he's going to get us blown off the globe. Anyway, tonight is the night that could tell all. Initially, the Associated Press reported that Clinton would concede tonight then today her campaign chairman said live on CNN that she would not. He said it was "100 percent wrong." ***smh and whispering*** Got my hopes all up for nothing. Anyway, I think that all we have to do is give her enough rope, she'll hang herself. Every time she gets pissed or threatened, she breaks the 11th commandment, "Thou shalt thinketh before ye speaketh." I personally can't wait for her to lose her cool again, when she does, she usually gets her foot down her throat about knee deep and I'll bet it hurts to cough up a pump. Shoot, given the way the punks at the Democratic National Convention handled this whole Michigan/Florida delegate situation, I thought she'd be happy. I mean, the DNC went back on its word and will now seat both delegations and let them each get half a vote. That's better than nothing which is what they should have gotten in the first place. Don't get mad at me because your state couldn't wait to have their primaries. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion anyway. I don't see why we just don't have nationwide primaries and then let all of us weed out the less than stellar presidential nominees. Do you really think that Ron Paul and Joe Biden would have made it through a national primary? In the words of Homey D. Clown, "I don't think so!"

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