Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I tell you ...

... if this were a movie, I'd be sitting on a porch in a rocking chair with a glass of lemonade humming an old Negro spirituals and telling my grandchildren about where I was on the day Barack Obama made history. I don't know about you guys but I am so proud of this man and his family it makes no sense. I just hope that they are who they say they are and we don't find out some horrible incriminating story about them later on. I just think that it'd be too much for (his supporters) to handle. But anyway, so that I don't ruin the mood I have today, I just want to call attention to the way pop culture has become mainstream, even in politics. Did ya'll catch the way his wife gave him some dap right before he gave his speech last night? I almost fell off my couch laughing when I saw this. First off, the first person I ever saw do that bump on TV was Howie Mandel and that's because he has OCD and shaking hands gives him the 'heebie jeebies.' For the record, OCD is obsessive compulsive disorder. There are different degrees of it. The way I understand it is folks with OCD like everything done a certain way. Everything must be that way at all times or they spaz out. I've always said those people have a tick. Apparently, his tick is excessively washing hands and being in the business of show business, he's constantly meeting people and he had to do something to not seem rude, so, he gives people dap. The only other guy I've ever seen on TV who gives dap is Stephen Colbert (pronounced Cole-bear). Stephen Colbert is THE MAN,OK! That is one of the funniest dudes on TV right now. If you never watch the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, I challenge you to do so. If you're here, that means you are sort of a political junky and I know you'd find his brand of humor as hilarious as I do. He's even renamed it the "Colbert Bump" and he gives one to people every time they come on the show. He even gave one to both Barack and Michelle Obama in separate appearances on the show. That is what made the whole thing funny as crap to me. Now that Obama is the nominee and John McCain makes it his business to run around trying to do what Obama does, I guess he'll find a way to give his wife some 'dap.' I can't wait to see how. This question could be in vain, but I'm dying to know if you guys watched the results on CNN last night. Actually, I only want to know if you happened to catch the banter between Anderson Cooper and Donna Brazile. I won't insult your intelligence and tell you who Anderson Cooper is, but you might need me to refresh your memory about Donna Brazile. I could sit here and type and tell you why she is the best political analyst on CNN, but I won't do that. I'll just tell you that she's a Louisiana native and you can hear it in every word she says. She graduated from LSU and later became the first black woman to direct a major presidential campaign when she was the campaign manager for the Al Gore campaign in 2000. Now she's known for her commentary of this year's primary elections. Anyway, all of this relates to pop culture because of an exchange between her and A.C. last night during an analysis of the elections and Obama's nomination. Take a look:
After watching this, I realized not only is pop culture now mainstream, but, from now on, I need to sit on the floor while I watch TV. I can't chance it, one day I really am going to fall off my couch.


Sheletha said...

Anderson Cooper and all of his 360 can be my boo!

Smarty Jones said...

Girl, you don't know how hard I fought pulling together some pictures and clips of him and Donna Brazile and using either the Ghosttown DJs or Usher's "My Boo" as the back ground music.
Look at how he rendered her speechless at the end of the clip.

Kim Stagliano said...

Just popped in from Demon Hunter's blog. You've got me. I'm hooked. While you're sipping lemonade and listening to spirituals as you tell your grandkids about the day Obama won the nomination I'll be doing the same - sipping iced coffee (I'm a New Englander) and listening to Frank Sinatra sing, "It was a very good year." I'm so excited about Obama for many reasons. I'm adding you to favorites.


Smarty Jones said...

Kim, welcome.
You can sip your iced coffee, just so long as you're telling the story.
Glad you stopped by and thanks for the add. I'll be posting here soon. I've been spending the majority of the month of at my other blog Differenc of Opinion for Black Music Month.
Thanks again and don't be a stranger!