Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's been a while ...

... and I know I should have posted something and I have been working on a rather long post, but I saw something today that I couldn't wait to post. It's quite obvious who my candidate is from these posts and you all know I get a kick out of the ignorance of some people and sometimes it pisses me off. Well, today, I got a kick out of it. Well, the situation anyway. So, some kid in NYC has designed a plain t-shirt that reads, "OBAMA IS MY SLAVE" and he's selling them for $69 a pop. I'm amazed that racism tees are selling for so much, but hey, when ya got a cause, ya got a cause, right? Anyway, some white chick bought the shirt and decided to wear it on the streets of New York and caught a beat down. Now, I'm not an advocate of violence for any reason, but uh, I have to say that she pretty much bought that one. Apparently, the woman was approached by four teen aged girls who shoved her, pulled out her earphones, and spit in her face. Take a look: With all the recent news reports about racism in this election and just the knowledge of what the word "slave" in reference to a black person can and often does incite, I would hope that these t-shirts aren't selling that well and that some people have sense enough to know not to wear them in mixed crowds. The designer of the shirt is an Israeli-born, Jewish man who has reportedly said that he "can't stand" Obama because he's a Muslim and he reminds him of Adolf Hitler. The guy is 25 years old, which means he wasn't even thought of during Hitler's reign so how can Obama remind him of Hitler? I'm not even going to address the "Muslim" comment. If that shirt weren't bad enough, the others read: "Jews Against Obama,” “Obama = Hitler” and “Who Killed Obama?” As I said before, I don't advocate violence of any kind, but maybe she isn't the one who needs a beatdown. I am all for free speech and I rather enjoy my First Ammendment rights but I think this is an abuse of that. I don't see anybody designing any "JOHN MCCAIN IS MY DISCIPLE" t-shirts. I haven't seen any t-shirts asking who's killed him. Oh well, I guess it's time that we, Obama supporters and people of color, gird our loins, it's only going to get worse. I'm sure racists of all kinds will be coming out of the woods, boardrooms and out of retirement to deter us all from voting for Obama in November. I don't know about you all, but I've already put on my armor so that everything derogatory, untrue and downright evil will be deflected. Who's with me?

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Dianne said...

"gird our loins" - a wonderful phrase

just the look on that asshat's face shows what a piece of garbage he is

I'm going to post in the next day or two about an e-mail I got this morning. more Obama bashing and more playing with the truth.

the thing that really upset/enraged me was that the e-mail was fwd'd to me by someone I consider a friend.

usually I just delete these but not anymore - between now and the election I will research every e-mail I get and then reply to all with the facts.

and the next person who tells me they "don't trust" Senator Obama without telling me why are in for one hell of a speech.

I'm so sick of this!

so I guess I'm with you