Monday, April 28, 2008

Been a minute ...

... since then, Sen. Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania. Congrats to her, but I have to ask whether or not the Democratic electorate in the Keystone State have televisions. I'm guessing that the folks who voted for Clinton don't have them, I mean, why else would they vote for her? Let's be honest, she's spent the last four or five months trying to discredit Sen. Barack Obama by name calling, mud slinging and just outright "hateration." I must say, green is definitely NOT her color. Now that she's won a couple of primaries, after losing 12 straight, she wants the Democratic National Convention to go back and count Florida and Michigan. That's convenient. Long before those two state had their primaries, Howard Dean, Mr. Excitement himself, told them that if they have early primaries, their votes would not be counted. To me that seems cut and dry, defiance yields consequences. Any parent or child can tell you that. Shoot, my 9-year-old niece can tell you that. But she wants special treatment. She wants the votes to be counted because now it's a close race and now she says that she's got more votes. She's right, she does have more votes, but that could be because her name was the only one on the Democratic ballots in Michigan and Florida and the candidates agreed prior to the primaries not to campaign in those states because they don't count! Sad thing about this is because she won't go away and just sit down somewhere, the party is going to suffer in November. I re-registered Democrat just so I could vote for Obama in next week's primary. Before I was registered as Independent because quite frankly, if you vote for someone based on their political party and not the facts and you don't research them and their policies, you're an idiot. Anyway, this thing is getting ugly and somebody needs to quit, for the sake of the party. I would hope that it will be her since she has absolutely NO reason to stay. She needs to go on somewhere and write a book or something. Oh and now she's calling for another debate. What for? What can they possibly debate that they haven't already? Not a damn thing, that's what. She needs to have the last word and she knows she can't do that if Obama is allowed to speak uninterrupted. She has to be able to interrupt and throw in her own lil' condiments to sauce up what Obama is saying. It's not necessary. We don't need Clinton ketchup. She is not the right person for the job, she is still out slinging mud and saying crap that doesn't matter because she can't win on the issues alone. I have said before and I'll say again, they don't differ that much in policy. They differ in their ability to inspire folks. When I hear Obama speak, I want to move to change the world around me. When I hear Clinton speak, I want to move to change the channel. Bottom line, someone needs to quit before too much damage is done to secure the election in November. If these two allow McCain to win the White House, I am going to look into becoming an expatriate. For real, I'll call to see if Oprah needs an English teacher in South Africa, this is ridiculous!

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TravelDiva said...

I hear you on Clinton! You are so right. Every time I see her, I flip the channel, sit there annoyed or turn the sound down.

This long drawn out mess is definitely dragging the dems down, in what started out as a really wonderful race.