Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pass the peanuts ...

... it appears that Washington, D.C. politics have turned into an all out three-ring circus and the President Elect is the ringmaster.
First off, Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been arrested and charged with several felony corruption charges that allege he was trying to sell Obama's senate seat. According to CNN, Blagojevich and his chief of staff were each a count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and a count of solicitation of bribery.
The U.S. Attorney's office caught them in a good old fashioned sting operation complete with a bugged office and phones. Earlier today, Blagojevich was released under his own recognizance under a $4,500 bond. He had to surrender his passport and now Sen. Dick Durbin is trying to get the state legislature to pass a bill to have a special called election for the president elect's Senate seat.
Well duh, they need one. That snake will probably appoint a family member or one of his campaign contributors as the succesor. I want the president elect as far away from this nonsense as possible. It has gotten completely out of hand.
And speaking of other random foolishness, how about Alan Keyes' lawsuit to challenge Obama's citizenship? What kind of random, Uncle Tom, crabs in a bucket nonsense is this?
He, and a lot of other quacks, contend that Obama was not born in Hawaii like he claims, but in Kenya. They also allege that he also has a citizenship in Indonesia. The U.S. Constitution states that in order to be the president, one must be a "natural born" citizen of the country. That loosely translates to mean that he must be born on American soil. This is a load of crap. I don't remember hearing anyone dispute Sen. McCain's eligibility to serve. He was born in Panama for crying out loud.
Keyes is simply being a sore loser, emphasis on the word loser. This guy is still pissed that Obama spanked his ass in the Illinois Senate Race back in 2004. Now, he was a presidential candidate who got all of 40,000 votes and now he's pissed that he got beat again.
He's been challenging Obama to produce evidence that he was born in the U.S. I say we turn the tables. I want evidence that Keyes is a black man. I want proof that his name is spelled 'Keyes.' Hell, I want proof that he is an American.
I know all of those are ridiculous, so is his claim that Obama is not a natural born citizen. In fact, Keyes is the recipient of Smarty Jones' "sit cho ass down" award for this quarter. In his honor, a song by one Maino:

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